Rookie Mage Games is proud to announce its first game DON’T GET STABBED! The game will launch on Kickstarter March 26th, and will be available for $25. However, it will need to reach $10,000 to fund the production of the game. Multiple tiers of support will be available and the campaign will end on April 25th.

DON’T GET STABBED! is a party card game where you get to kill your family and friends (I mean, ideally). The game is inspired by slasher films through the ’70s to the ’90s but made lighthearted enough for everyone to enjoy. One player gets to be the killer. The rest play as the victims.

Everyone takes turns drawing cards. If a victim gets three STAB cards, they DIE! But they can use ACTION cards to avoid getting stabbed. And they can use COMBO cards for a chance at escaping.

But the killer has special powers. If the killer draws a STAB card, they can put it back in the deck wherever they want. And the killer can use ACTION and COMBO cards to thwart the victims’ attempts to stay alive.

The game plays for 3-5 players and only takes 15 minutes per round. It’s a quick and easy party game to play with friends and family. DON’T GET STABBED! is rated 18+ due to humorous references to sex, alcohol, and violence.

Jordan McLaughlin is the founder of his company, Rookie Mage Games. Established in 2018, Rookie Mage Games was created to bring his passion for rambunctious fun to others.

Born and raised in Central Ohio, Jordan was a kid that organized the superhero games at recess and made his cousins perform in plays he wrote.

He watched his first scary movie, Scream, while at a friend’s house when he was just 14. He quickly became a great fan of slasher flicks from the ’80s, such as Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street.

After becoming all grown up, Jordan graduated from the University of Akron. Then later moving to the Columbus, Ohio area to pursue his career. He kept his love for creativity alive by making fake movie trailers, video games, and escape rooms to torment his family members.

All of those years of his strongly held creativity and passion culminated into DON’T GET STABBED! Jordan worked endlessly at the public library to design the mechanics, create the artwork, and plan production.

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