Beyond The Veil, the latest from Sun’s Shadow Studios, has announced that protagonist Kara will be voiced by Erika Ishii. Her previous works include roles in Dream Daddy, Bleach, Fire Emblem Heroes, and several other films, TV and game projects including Geek & Sundry’s L.A. By Night.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Erika,” said a Sun’s Shadow Studios representative. “Her voice perfectly encompasses the complex emotions that make the character unique. Kara needs to sound defeated, yet wizened- she is changed by her experiences in New Orleans, and she offers the player a grave, yet enticing warning. Erika nailed it and we couldn’t be happier.”

Beyond The Veil was invested and greenlighted by Film Victoria as a program to start many indie titles off the ground. Gameplay is a text-based, with branching narratives that feature thousands of paths and over 18 endings, allowing players to change both the story and the personality of the protagonist.

A jazz soundtrack was recorded in live sessions, ambient sound recorded in New Orleans, and explorations of mortal, spiritual and cosmic horror. The game will launch on PC and iOS later in 2019. The title is available to wishlist on Steam with more details coming soon.

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