The strange phenomena surrounding the Blair Witch made a resurgence at The Frida Cinema in Downtown Santa Ana on Friday, January 25th as Horror Buzz’s Horror Movie Night screened the original found footage classic: The Blair Witch Project.

The lobby and theater were decorated with missing person flyers for HorrorBuzz founder Norman Gidney, who was reported to have vanished on his way to the Sundance Film Festival.

Guests were able to stock up on food, drinks, and a specialty cocktail called Heather’s Tears, courtesy of Frida Cinema Staff, before their journey into the Black Hills Forest began.

Prior to starting their search for the witch, guests were treated to the first part of a bonus, secret pre-screening film—which will continue at future screenings—as well as Palme d’Gore and Audience Award winning short film from last year’s Screaming Room at Midsummer Scream She Came from the Woods by Carson and Erik Bloomquist.

Attendees even received a video message from Norm, which revealed his fate.

After the audience’s harrowing trek through Burkittsville, a pumpkin-prize pack was awarded.

Finally, footage from Zubi Mohammed’s prospective Blair Witch Project documentary was screened, kicking off a Q&A with Blair Witch Project production designer Benjamin Rock, producer Robin Cowie, and documentary filmmaker Zubi Mohamed.

Next month, HorrorBuzz and the Frida Cinema’s Horror Movie Night will be venturing to the infamous Overlook Hotel on Friday, February 22nd for a screening of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.

Join us if you dare!