Children being afraid of adults is nothing new…but it’s usually because they are afraid of parental discipline. However, in THE BLACKOUT CLUB, a new game from Question, parents are being mind controlled by an evil force and you and your friends need to stop it!

In the game, you play as a teen who wakes up each morning covered in dirt and scratches, with no memory of the previous night. There is the possibility of sleepwalking, but something doesn’t seem right.. Sometimes there are entire days that you can’t recall.

Upon the discovery that there are others like you, friendships are formed. Pulled together by a shared secret, the group decides to create a club to investigate the strange happenings and the cause of the blackouts. Working as a team, you discover a network of odd underground tunnels lurking just beneath the surface of your ordinary community.

At first, you are hesitant and unsure. But then your best friend vanishes and a mysterious group of adults now seek you out in attempt to eliminate you. You must take a stand and fight them back. Your mission: capture their activities on camera and expose them to the world!

You band together with other online players with the possibility to take on missions on your own as well. Before starting a mission, you are able to select your “Hero” weapon, customize your character, and select different abilities and “powers” that are unlocked with points as you progress.

After selecting an area to begin a mission in, you are shortly transported to that area. Each time the mission will be randomized, which is a breath of fresh air instead of having to repeat the same missions. The general layout is mostly the same, but there will be subtle changes making each mission unique in its own way and creating new challenges.

There will be many obstacles in your path, which include various security devices planted to the adults themselves. There are only a couple of different types of enemies, which is surprising for a game. But I found this most enjoyable and still quite the challenge regardless! There is no actual killing in this gam,e since the adults are someone’s parents and can even be one of yours!

The mechanics of the game are unique and well thought out. They bring a good balance and really test the way your mind goes about solving problems. There are several ways to obtain items and complete missions. It is up to you and your team to decide how!

This game is definitely a team effort type of game. Though possible on your own, it is increasingly difficult to go about missions all alone. Especially since the game also grows and increases in difficulty on its own! Any level of gamer can take part and get their fill, but again teamwork really makes a difference!


This is a very fun and challenging game with a unique concept and mechanics. I would label this game as a definite thriller with a bit of horror mystery. It is a great team building game that strays from killing, where more challenges are created. Pretty much anyone can enjoy this game ranging from novice to expert. The game is adaptive and ever-changing. It has an engaging story that creates such a curiosity that drives you to push forward and investigate further. All range of gamers would find enjoyment here.

With that said, I cannot express the amount of my excitement for the full release of this treasure which, according to the website, will be sometime in 2019.


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