Rejoice, sci-fi nerds – I mean connoisseurs. Spectral sci-fi comedy, Mandao of the Dead is now available for streaming exclusively on Amazon Instant Video. The film, written, directed and starring Scott Dunn will be available on iTunes in February 2019. This is the second feature from filmmaker Scott Dunn and producer Gina Gomez.

Mandao of the Dead

Available now through Amazon Instant Video
On iTunes in February 2019

Synopsis: Slacker, Jay Mandao lives off of his late father’s royalties. Wanting nothing more than a life of simple solitude, his peace is shattered after his nephew-in-law (Jackson) shows up on his doorstep. Jay’s life takes a weird turn as Halloween approaches and a ghost shows up asking for help to reverse his death at the hands of Jackson’s ex-girlfriend.

Digital Download

Mandao of the Dead is available to rent and buy now on Amazon Instant Video. It will be available for download through the iTunes store in February 2019.

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