Mrs. Claus has been a very naughty girl. She will be receiving more than coal for Christmas as I now have a personal vendetta against this film for stealing 90 minutes of my life. The wannabe campy holiday horror flick suffered from flat acting, cringe-worthy dialogue, and questionable choices.

Danielle (Hailey Strader) moves into the sorority house her sister was murdered in 10 years prior. While her sorority sisters gear up for the annual Christmas party, a sinister figure picks them off one by one. Really. That’s it. That’s the premise. The rest of the film is basically people sitting around making small talk until the killer gets to them. To be fair, there’s bad blood in the sorority house when a cruel hazing prank gets out of hand ending in a brutal murder-suicide, but otherwise, yeah.

The actor’s whiny performances could not distract me from the abysmal and forced dialogue. The only pleasure I got was from watching each of their gory deaths with the notion that I would no longer have to suffer through their spotty acting. Even the more seasoned actors, Helene Udy (Mrs. Werner) and Brinke Stevnes (Julie Cornell) could not save the stiff dialogue and subject matter.

The only thing Mrs. Claus has going for it is its use of blood – and there’s a lot of it. Writer-director, Troy Escamilla (Party Night and Teacher Shortage) really seems to like his blood. The gore-fest of a film spent much of its time, energy and budget on the death scenes. If you enjoy B-movie (make that C-movie) slasher films with lots and lots of blood and side boob, Mrs. Claus may be your gal.

Speaking of the deaths. The filmmakers may have spent all their budget on buckets and buckets of fake blood because when it came down to murder weapons, they must have rummaged through the discount bin at the local party store. The film seemed as though it was taking itself more seriously than it should. With some major dialogue editing and some added satire, the film could have become an entertaining low-budget dark comedy capitalizing on the inexperience of its young cast.

Really. It was that bad. If the filmmakers had spent more time on the script and less on the perfect recipe for blood, the film may have even been entertaining. Alas. It was not.

If you have 90 minutes to spare and want to watch something gory, festive and fun, Mrs. Claus would not be it.

Mrs. Claus
Runtime: 1hrs. 26 Mins.
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