Grandma’s upset you haven’t called. You should really spend some time with her.

The new short Grandma’s House, directed by Josha Giuliano (The Flesh of My Lovers) staring newcomer Lana Locke (grandma) and Rob Vardaro builds up tension and suspense with style. Shot all within the confines of a small LA home, does not rely on dialogue or stunts to create tension. Grandma’s House successfully uses sound and the panicked, slow creep of something coming to leave the viewer almost breathless.

“I set out to create and sustain tension through small, seemingly arbitrary details — reloading a gun, descending a flight of stairs, opening a door — all at a fraction of the pace of a big budget set piece. A breakneck pursuit in slow motion,” said director Giuliano who based the character of ‘Grandma’ off his own late grandmother. “This was how I [paid] my respects to her legacy: her wisdom, mischief, and ruggedness that could only have been earned by living a long and full life.”

As grandma gears for bed, an intruder lurks in the shadows, but he has no idea who he’s messing with.
The film has twists and turns that caused my brain to briefly short circuit and start repeating “WTF, WTF,WTF.”

While the portrayals might be a little overdone at times, both actors did a good job capturing the suspense of the film. They were left with little space (about thirty yards of floor space) to act, and at times the intimate setting made the film seem more like a play. Rising above obvious limitations, Grandma’s House’s grit, suspense and humor make for a decent short to watch.

Grandma’s waiting. Watch the short now and let us know what you think.

Grandma’s House from Joshua Giuliano on Vimeo.


About the Author: Sepideh Nia