Tis the season to mingle with the mangled bodies of things that go bump in the night. Step inside the minds of Halloween’s most creative (and disturbed) haunt masters. Are you ready to be scared? We are.

13th Gate
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
The minds behind 13th Gate have taken their already-petrifying haunt to the next level by adding an escape room element to it. You and your team have 60 minutes to escape the haunt using logic and instinct to find secret passages, solve puzzles and uncover the mysteries that grant you the key to your freedom.
13th Gate is known for its ultra-realistic themes that leave guests wondering what is real and what is not; featuring a very real snake-infested swamp.

For more information, visit the 13th Gate website

Haunted Plantation
Waipahu, Oahu, Hawaii
There is trouble in paradise. Take a ghostly tour in an actual village thought to be a hot-bed of paranormal activity. Visit the abandoned homes of former immigrants from China, Korea, Japan, Portugal, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. Roughly half the structures in this Plantation Village are believed to have ghostly inhabitants – so much so that the plantation claims dozens of actors have quite over the years due to unexplainable activity.
Visit the Haunted Plantation for the scares – we’re just not sure if it’ll be from the actors or the spirits of villagers.

For more information, visit the Haunted Plantation website

Sinister Pointe
Laguna Hills, California
What’s your Scary Place? I think it’d be safe to say, mine is at Sinister Pointe, one California’s largest Haunted Houses at 150,000 sq ft. The folks at Sinister Pointe have taken their popular interactive maze concept and expanded it to cover an entire 3-floor abandoned Macys (totally not creepy at all). Guests can test their limits in three mazes – Phobias, Evil on 2 and ride the Boogyman Express.
The event will also feature shows, vendors, food trucks, an escape room and more. This year’s Sinister Pointe promises to be a much more immersive experience, and we can’t wait!

For more information, visit the Sinister Pointe website

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Considered one of the scariest haunts in America, ScareHouse has recently opened its doors for the Halloween season. The attraction features three mazes; Pittsburgh Zombies: Re-Animated, Infernal Darkness and Nocturnia 3-D.
Not enough, you say? Do you want more? ScareHouse delivers with the Basement – an additional attraction built by ScareHouse artists. Victims- I mean, guests, must sign a waiver before entering this interactive hell-scape.

For more information, visit the ScareHouse website

Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Traditional haunted houses not doing it for you? Unimpressed by the prosthetic nature of haunts? Why not make it a little real?
One of the most notorious prisons in America has unshackled its bars to provide its new inmates (that’s you) with a unique and terrifying experience.
Guests will begin with a critical decision: explore the prison and watch the action, or mark themselves to truly interact with the creatures lurking in the cellbocks.
“Not enough,” I hear you cry? Ok. On November 9 & 10, Eastern State kicks things up a notch with REMIX: Lights Out at Terror Behind the Walls. This unique show will give attendees the chance to experience all 6 attractions in complete darkness. You will be left alone with but a single glowstick to find your own way out of the 10-acre fortress.

For more information, visit the Terror Behind the Walls website

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor
Long Beach, California
The chilling fog of Dark Harbor has descended upon the once regal Queen Mary and a dark, disturbed leader has emerged to inflict her will upon the evil cohorts and guests who dare enter the port of Long Beach.
Brave six mazes and fall further into the depths of decay. Guests can also enjoy live entertainment, haunted bars and rides. Visitors are even given the unique option to also sleep amongst the ghosts of the Queen Mary. Pleasant dreams…

For more information, visit the Dark Harbor website

Bennett’s Curse
Baltimore, Maryland
This family-owned and operated haunt is a testament to the idea that a family that scares together, stays together.
This year, they have put together all of their best (and most terrifying) scenes and scares to present you with Monster Fest 2018. The immersive haunt features monsters from the deepest, darkest depths of your imagination to shock your senses and leave you shaken, but wanting more.

For more information, visit the Bennett’s Curse website

Dent School House
Cincinnati, Ohio
Are you brave enough to go back to school? Here’s the story; a janitor murdered students at Dent School House over 60 years ago and the trapped and deranged spirits have made the halls a place of destitute ever since. One of the most terrifying aspects of this haunted attraction is that it capitalizes on a very real, and very chilling premise.
For those brave enough to enter, it promises to be a frightful and disturbing attraction.

For more information, visit the Dent School House website

Stone Mountain, Georgia
Enter the Awakened and come face-to-face with rotted corpses of the damned. Featuring a host of attractions from the Stone Giant’s Gateway to the Horrifying Lair of the Undying and more. If you’d prefer a more ‘out-of-the-world’ experience, Subject: Unknown may be more your liking. The dissection of an otherworldly creature has released a mutating virus. You must successfully complete your assignment before succumbing to the horrors that the Unknown subjects you to a fate worse than death.
Netherworld also features an escape room and monster museum.

For more information, visit the Netherworld website

Spooky World: Nightmare New England
Litchfield, New Hampshire
Venture through 80 acres of fear with 4 mazes, a haunted hay ride, games, beer garden and more. This is not just a haunted house – it’s a spooky spectacle all on its own. Brave the dark halls of Brigham Manor, experience the 3D festival of fear, stumble upon decay and rot in Carnage and explore the labyrinth of the Colony to uncover a deep, dark secret.
For those who want more, Spooky World will give visitors a chance to experience their attractions in complete darkness with Lights Out, on November 3rd.

For more information, visit the Spooky World website


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About the Author: Sepideh Nia