What a difference a fortnight makes! In just two short weeks we now have three announced mazes with The First Purge, Trick R Treat, and Stranger Things. A pretty solid list of announcements thus far. Today we bring you video pictures and commentary from the park on what is coming for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood while mixing in the tireless Twitter feed of Creative Director John Murdy.



With three mazes announced and still plenty of unnamed construction sites in the usual spots, there is plenty to salivate and speculate over.


Waterworld Extended Queue

Construction for the maze in the Waterworld queue has ramped up. Set pieces are peeking over the walls and we have yet to find out what this one is. One year, I would LOVE to see a Waterworld maze happen. Just to mess with us. I mean the signage is already there.


Parisian Courtyard

Murdy has been mum on this particular location. The Fez-looking structure has given way to a decaying stone tower. This looks a LOT like a classic Universal Monster Movie set. PLEASE BE TRUE!!!


Trick R Treat – Mummy Extended Queue

Still, this is the one that I am personally looking forward to the most. This is one of the best Halloween films ever made. Could we possibly get one of the best Mazes ever made?





Stranger Things – Stage 29

Of course, WAAAAY back in April we got this news. Little can be followed from a construction standpoint as all of it is inside Stage 29, behind Transformers. We have but to go on Murdy’s Twitter feed.




Below are pics from Thursday. More can be seen regarding adjacent construction than anything else.


The First Purge – Metro Sets

“The First Purge” maze at Universal Studios Hollywood’s “Halloween Horror Nights,” beginning Friday, September 14, 2018

The First Purge was announced, oddly enough yesterday, on Thursday the 12th. The franchise this time goes back to the origins of how The Purge came to be and gives us another chance to wander through an environment filled with aggressive assailants.



Terror Tram

Not too much to share on Terror Tram this week. Aside from notes on the video production things have been light.



Other News

There is a lot of park news to share this week. New bench planters have been added to Universal Plaza, giving adults a place to sit and watch their kids playing in the fountains.


Globe Theatre

Demolition has begun at the Globe Theatre building to make way for something new. There are plenty of rumors out there about lives and secret pets and things. We have nothing confirmed as of yet. What we DO know is that The Walking Dead attraction remains open, and HHN is going to have to deal with this project from an operational standpoint.






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