A new season of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead brings new characters into the mix and some that are not so new. Or maybe they are. Well, they’re least new to this season of the “Fear the Walking Dead” timeline. Or not, because we don’t really know what to expect with the introduction of Walking Dead’s Morgan.

So am I.

What viewers can expect is that the storyline will continue to become richer and the relationships will become more complex. The journey that viewers are about to embark on is rich in moral dilemma;  just what values are important in a cataclysmic event?  Who do you trust and who do you take with you? The struggle between a “community bond” vs isolation, which one is the right choice?

New cast member Jenna Elfman (Naomi) explained, “…what is the best version of yourself? In a community or by yourself?”
I’m sure we would all have our opinions on which scenario would benefit us the most. Yet somehow, I can’t be convinced of my true choice until I have a herd of walkers trudging in my general direction.

Showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg are focused on delving deeper into the drama and the heart of what makes us care about these characters. What is next for Madison after the dam explodes? How many layers will be peeled away on Strand as he continues his forward push? Who will the new villains be? Chambliss and Goldberg assure that the “adversaries” will differ than previous seasons of Fear the Walking Dead.

“What makes surviving worth while?”- Andrew Chambliss

During the Fear the Walking Dead panel in the arena of WonderCon Anaheim, fans were treated to a brand new trailer. Attendees saw familiar faces: Madison, Alicia, Nick, Luciana (after a marked absence in previous episodes), and Strand. They also were introduced to Althea, John, Naomi and Morgan.

Wait…Morgan isn’t new to fans. But this is his first introduction to this particular timeline. Or not, we don’t really know so we shouldn’t attempt to figure it out.

The shiny new penny in the trailer was beyond a doubt, “Al” (Maggie Grace). Who is Althea and why do we already love her after only seeing her for a few brief moments? (Don’t worry Al…I love new people too) Al seems to be “thriving” in the midst of chaos and is sure to bring some bad ass vibes to the mix.

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Back to Morgan…what role is he playing in this season? The execs are being the mayors of Vaguetown on this one. But Lennie James seems excited about his blurred lines between the two series. Lennie had only six days in between wrapping “Walking Dead” and the start of shooting “Fear the Walking Dead.” It’s no wonder why he couldn’t divulge any information, obviously, this man is exhausted!

Rest assured that the producers and showrunners agree that even the newest fan will be entertained, intrigued and engaged throughout this upcoming season. Also that fans of both series will be treated to more rotting flesh in this season!

“Walkers will be more prevalent in the show,” says Greg Nicotero. That’s right, we will be treated to more rotting flesh! It’s music to every Horrorbuzz reader’s ear. Bonus: the walker hoard’s look will be more consistent with the timeline/time jump/space-time continuum. In short, they are more decayed indicating that there most certainly is a time jump.

The upcoming season of Fear the Walking Dead promises in-depth character explorations and moral struggles that make the series an interesting drama. Season four also promises the bit of gore and shock that zombie fans have become accustomed to; yet have lacked over the last few seasons. If the audience can just separate the two worlds of “The Walking Dead” and “Fear the Walking Dead”, perhaps the whole distraction of “timeline” won’t matter to the meat of the story.

Catch the series premiere on April 15th “Survive the Sunday”

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