After months of waiting, the moment I have been anticipating is finally here: UBER JASON IS COMING TO THE FRIDAY THE 13TH GAME!

Of course, it was only a matter of time. Almost every other Jason from the Friday the 13th series has been added to the game, but fans of the oft-misunderstood Jason X have been patiently waiting for this very announcement.

Though no official press release has gone out, a few days ago, players were treated a new update that included Virtual Cabin 2.0, a sort of dev diary for the game, complete with tons of Friday folklore. One of the things revealed was that Uber Jason would be making his appearance ‘soon’, but alas, with no release date announced.

In addition to this, we will also be treated to a brand new map; that of the Grendel, the very ship that Jason stalked in Jason X. How cool is that?! We can finally live out our fantasies of being in that film!

Seriously, I love Jason X more than I probably should, and this gives me enough of a reason to get back into the game. While still incredibly problematic, when the game works, it’s fun as hell. Adding Uber Jason into the mix will only enhance that. And with the new single player feature, allowing you to play as Jason against AI controlled councilors, you can kill kill kill, die die die to your heart’s content.

Look for more information on the new Jason and map’s release soon!

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