Earlier this year, we went to Horror Escapes LA, a wonderful experience that combined traditional escape rooms with an escape battle element. We loved it, we loved competing against other teams, and we also loved its owner, Rachel Foti. We were excited to hear her talk about her plans for the future. Since then, Foti and her team have moved Horror Escapes LA to a new location, upgraded the games, and more.

But that’s not why you’re reading this. You’re hear because, not content with just doing escape rooms, Foti, and her new partner, Off-Broadway theatre director Robert Glen Decker, M.F.A., have joined forces to bring us an unique immersive haunted escape experience this Halloween season called NIGHT SHIFT.

Combining elements of haunts, immersive theatre, and escape rooms, NIGHT SHIFT fully immerses participants in a terrifying story line that is filled with objectives, scares, and interactions with the inhabitants of a possessed downtown LA warehouse.

“Creating environments where people can escape their lives (pun intended) and can increase their thrill and joy gives me purpose. Bridging these three elements (escape rooms, immersive theater, and traditional haunts) is my most challenging undertaking yet!” said Foti.

In NIGHT SHIFT, guests will find themselves as employees reporting to their first shift at a grimy shipping and receiving warehouse. A mysterious shipment arrives; one containing an ancient mirror with a deadly secret.

“I started out making haunted houses in my basement as a kid! I love all things spooky and Halloween. So when I discovered the opportunity to combine my professional theatre background with my love of haunts, and partner with a successful escape room owner to produce our own unique event, I knew I had found the perfect creative outlet.” said Decker.

NIGHT SHIFT is an ages 18+ experience, and will feature two options for tickets, depending on how intense you want your scares.

Their regular ticket will set you back $35. It includes the hour-long experience, but it does NOT incorporate any physical touching from the inhabitants of the warehouse. Ten people max will be in your group on this tier.

For those wanting a little MORE, there is full contact ticket option that is $50. For this tier, guests WILL be touched and immersed a little more into the environment. Only five people per group will be on this tier.

We are super excited to check this one out. We love what Foti has done with her escape room, and her passion for all things horror is incredibly infectious. We are sure NIGHT SHIFT is going to be a blast as well.

NIGHT SHIFT opens September 22nd in a 6,000 square foot space located in Los Angeles.

For tickets and more information, visit www.nightshiftdtla.com.

About the Author: Jeff Heimbuch

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