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Batman: The Enemy Within

On August 8, 2017  Telltale did it again, releasing the follow up to their critically acclaimed Batman: The Telltale Series.  This time the tale gets a bit darker as The Riddler seeks to make his mark upon Gotham City, terrorizing citizens and gamers alike.   

As with other previously released Telltale games, it will have five different episodes.  The first digital episode to be released is titled ‘The Enigma’, and was launched on Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, and Mac devices.  In October, BATMAN: THE ENEMY WITHIN, will be released on iOS and Android devices.


Telltale will release a physical copy of the game on October 3 for Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles.  The physical disc will include access to the first episode and future unreleased episodes available through an online connection.

BATMAN: THE ENEMY WITHIN starts with The Riddler attempting to take over Gotham City.  It appears from the trailer that he has taken some cues from the Saw series, devising terrifying devices of murder.  This tale looks to one of Batman’s darkest yet, as gamers witness murder, torture, and the menacing return of John Doe.  As with all Telltale games, gamers will be forced to act quickly, making split second decisions that will effect the rest of the game. 


Deception, lies, and betrayal await players as they don the cowl of Batman.  Make allies, but chose wisely, for you never know who you can trust.  How far are you willing to go as the caped crusader?  How dirty are you willing to play in order to save the citizens of Gotham?  All these are questions that gamers will be asked as they play BATMAN: THE ENEMY WITHIN. 

If players have previously played, BATMAN: THE TELLTALE SERIES, their previous decisions will carry over, creating a more immersive experience.  Fear not! If you are new to the series, Telltale has made sure that you will not feel left out. 

‘Crowd Play’, a multiplayer experience allowing friends and family to work together to decide the direction of the story, will be available with an internet connection. 

Telltale worked hard to create a visually stunning comic book-like rendering of Batman.  BATMAN: THE ENEMY WITHIN features award-winning cast member Troy Baker reprising his role as Bruce Wayne.  While Anthony Ingruber returns as the voice of ‘John Doe’ aka The Joker. 

Batman is licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and based on DC’s iconic hero.  Episode number one will carry a ‘Mature’ rating by the ESRB.


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