Winchester Mystery House enchanted at Midsummer Scream! Attendees were given a historical tour of the most haunted home in the States. They were tantalized by the experiences of previous guests who dared to take the “Explore More Tour” and the ever popular Halloween Candlelight Tour. Doug Barnes (The Season Pass Podcast) went live on his podcast as he introduced Walter Magnuson (General Manager), Tim O’Day (Director of Marketing & Communication), and Scott Shooman (Executive Vice President of Acquisitions and Co-Productions for CBS Films).

The Winchester Mystery House has 160 rooms. Each room designed to Sarah Winchester’s specific designs. You may find yourself walking up a set of stairs only to realize they lead nowhere. It is no secret that visitors flock from all over the country to feel the presence of Sarah Winchester. Magnuson and O’day both confirm that Sarah Winchester’s presence can be felt immediately after stepping through the front doors. You can think of it as Sarah welcoming you into her home. 

O’Day and Shooman gave detailed accounts of guests experiences during the house’s “Explore More Tour”. Guests are given the honor of walking through the front doors of the Winchester house, which Sarah never allowed. Shooman remarked that Sarah wouldn’t open the door for Teddy Roosevelt. The reason for this was never known. This tour will only be done for a limited time and is offered as a 2 in 1 tour. Guests are given a basic tour of the house, with a 20-30 minute rest in the Servants quarters, then the tour continues to explore the newly opened rooms.  This event will be limited due to the upkeep and maintenance of the rooms, so start planning your vacation now!

Scott Shooman also announced the release date of Winchester starring Helen Mirren. On February 23, 2018, Sarah Winchester’s story will be told and her inner demons will once again be revived. Shooman and Magnuson confirmed Winchester’s director and writer wanted to bring the authenticity of the house into the film. A vast amount of research went into the making of the film and they assured the audience they will not be disappointed.

Guest also received blessings from Magnuson and O’Day. The blessings can in the form of two Winchester tickets, which I am totally using, and a beautiful poster of the Winchester House designed by artist Sam Carter. Carter also revealed that he added a small silhouette of Sarah on the 7th floor of the house’s tower that was destroyed in the big quake. The gifts were amazing!

Winchester Mystery House also announced their collaboration with Horrorbuzz for an experience of a lifetime. On October 13, 2017, guest can join Horrorbuzz and Sarah Winchester on the most hallowed day to experience the Winchester House in the dark. Guest will be able to go on a private tour of the house and explore room that has never been opened to the public. One lucky guest will be granted the opportunity to ring the bell tower to awaken the spirits from their slumber. FInally, experience the Candlelight tour where a single candle is your only light source. You will leave this house with chills all over your body! Grab your tickets for this haunting event here

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About the Author: Rosalia Chavez

Rosalia likes to spend her nights watching Netflix or reading a good book. Her interest for horror came from a very young age. Her mother nurtured this obsession and she thanks her for it. She also thanks the film IT for her dislike for clowns. She is currently finishing her Bachelor Degree in Cinema and Television Arts and hopes to be behind the camera shooting the next big thriller.
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