For the last few weeks, a mysterious Instagram account has been posting photos that seem to be from the case files of someone named W. Morrow. While innocuous at first, showing off photos and information about a home, they have since turned much, much darker.

I followed their postings, and was intrigued by what I saw. I reached out to the producers, E3W Productions, and they were happy to share some more information about their upcoming show, IN ANOTHER ROOM. We will have an interview with them in the coming weeks, but for now, here is a bit more information on what to expect.

From their press release:

E3W Productions is pleased to announce an unprecedented opportunity for paranormal enthusiasts. Our team has gained exclusive access to one of the most notorious houses in Los Angeles, known for its extensive history of mysterious deaths and unexplainable phenomena. For the first time ever we will be opening the doors to this strange and melancholy house and inviting volunteers to explore the richly storied rooms for help with our investigative research. Whether or not you will encounter something otherworldly during your visit is unclear, but with the reputation the house has earned over the years we can guarantee an evening filled with intrigue, tragedy, and the unexplainable.

We invite those of you most attuned to the psychic and supernatural to join us for a once in a lifetime opportunity to come face to face with the unknown.

Paranormal happenings and unexplained phenomena? I’m in! As someone who has gone ghost hunting for years, this is right up my alley. But what will their show actually consist of?

According to their press release, IN ANOTHER ROOM is a site-specific immersive play in which guests will wander the upstairs floor of a purportedly haunted house in Los Angeles, coming face to face with various souls that have lived and died and suffered tragedy within its rooms. With only 3 audience members admitted into the house at a time, the show will be an extremely intimate experience that explores the notion of ghost stories and what is left behind from a life already lived.

And the best news is, tickets are already on sale for it! The show will run Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights from August 11 through August 27. There are 5 showtimes a night, starting at 7:15, and only 3 audience members per show. Tickets are $60.

You can purchase tickets now at

Thanks to E3W for sending more information along, and again, look for an interview with them shortly!


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