I think we can all agree that there was plenty of room for both Jack and Rose on that door at the end of the film Titanic. Many have often wondered “If I was in their situation, what would I do?” Short of a time machine, seeing how you would brave the final moments of the Titanic are nigh impossible…until now, thanks to 60out!

I first came across 60out last year at Midsummer Scream, where we conquered their Quest in a Box on the show floor, and had a lot of fun doing it. I promised Quest-mates that, when I went to visit 60out for real, they would be the ones joining me. It may have taken a few months to get us all together, but we finally made it, and boarded their Titanic room together.

Located at their Marina Del Ray location, Titanic is one of the few, non-horror based rooms I have done. I’m used to the scary, where the lights are low, the noises are frightening, and someone may jump out at every corner. However, I have to say that Titanic was by far one of the most fun rooms we have tackled.

60out wastes no time in getting you thrown into the story, as you enter the room through one of those big, heavy doors you’d expect to find on a ship of that size. You are immediately tasked with making your way out of a cramped hallway, to escape the ship before it sinks completely.

One of the first things I noticed about the room was how incredibly themed it was. Ship hallways looked like you’d expect, the crew quarters felt lived in, and the engine room was a design feat like I’ve never seen before. 60out really paid attention to the details here, and created one of the best looking rooms I have ever seen. Kudos to their designers for that!

Something I REALLY liked about the Titanic room was their puzzle structure. While it was linear most of the time, there was enough for everyone to do to keep busy, and feel like we were accomplishing something.

Most escape rooms have tons of keys, locks, and combination locks in order to move on, but what surprised me was how little of that the Titanic room had. Instead, most of the puzzles were just that: puzzles that we had to figure out in order to move on. To me, this made the room feel fresh and new, since it was so different from all the others. There was a lot of ‘physical’ movement from us to solve things, and it really felt like we were accomplishing something, as opposed to just putting a code in a lock.

In addition to that, every time a puzzle was solved, there was some sort of audible clue that alerted you that it was complete. For example, in the engine room, when we completed a task, we got the sound of gears churning, and a visual clue gave us a hint as to what the next step was. This, to me, was a brilliant stroke, and helped enhance the game even more, almost like giving us a pat on the back every time we got something right.

One particular puzzle stands out for me above all the rest because of how clever the solution is. No spoilers, but if you were actually locked in a room, and had a certain item at your disposal (as we did), using it in its normal function would be the most logical solution. Kudos to the game masters for thinking this one through (and for causing us to have one of the most hilarious moments we’ve ever had in an escape room due to my incorrect interpretation of their hint).

At the end of it all, we managed to make it out in 28 minutes, and survived the sinking of the ship!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the staff at 60out as well; they were all incredibly friendly and out-going, making our pre and post game even more enjoyable. Special shout out to Tyler, our game master, who was fantastic.

I know we do a lot of escape rooms, but we truly mean it when we say this was one of the most fun ones we’ve ever done. If you’re not into the spooky stuff, this would be an excellent starter room for you to check out.

All in all, Titanic is a high recommendation from us. Lots of fun, wonderfully innovative puzzles, and a fantastic time.

For more information on 60out’s Titanic room, along with their many other offerings (seriously, they have a few locations and tons of rooms!), check them out online at www.60out.com.

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