Time for another cheery Christmas movie. Who needs Hallmark and Lifetime original Christmas movies anyway?

Santa Claws

Beloved horror legend Debbie Rochon stars in this festive B-Movie romp about a B-horror movie actress is stalked by a deranged fan bent on claiming her for himself. Now if that isn’t the way to spend the holidays I don’t know what is. John A. Russo, co-writer of the original Night of the Living Dead is at the helm here to deliver a story about a young man finds who his divorced mother having sex with a man in a Santa Claus hat and shoots them both dead. Years later, now thinking he is Santa Claus, the man develops an obsession with an erotic horror film star named Raven and begins stalking her. Totally lo-fi and campy as hell, this is a lovely holiday treat.


Santa Claws
Runtime: 1hr.  23Mins.
Directed By:
 Written By:



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Each day leading up to December 25 we will be offering you at least one blood curdling suggestion for festive horror fun.  Sometimes it will be a spooky little short, other times it will be viewing suggestions, and if you are good little monsters you may even have the chance to win Santa’s fabulous booty with fun giveaways!un giveaways!

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