Today we share another morsel of creepy yuletide goodness. As part of the 25 Days of Christmas Horror.

p13280738_p_v8_aaAll Through the House

A deranged masked Santa-Slayer comes to town for some yuletide-terror. He leaves behind a bloody trail of mutilated bodies as he hunts his way to the front steps of the town’s most feared and notorious home.

The blood flows like egg nog in Todd Nunes’ delightfully subversive homage to Christmas slasher pics, ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE. Here no sacred cows are spared as a deranged psychopath makes hedge trimmers his weapon of choice, slicing and dicing through the neighborhood with aplomb.

Rachel (Ashley Mary Nunes) is home from college for the holidays visiting her ribald mother Abby (Cathy Garrett). Theirs is a quiet suburban neighborhood with a dark tragedy. Fifteen years ago, little their neighbor’s daughter, Jaime Garrett was snatched from her home on Christmas. Despite the horrible occurrence, her mother Mrs. Garrett  (Melynda Kiring) continues to decorate the home, and keep the holiday cheer going. 

All seems to be fine until a maniac dressed as Santa begins to pick people off in a bloody rampage. Boobs are stabbed, penises are sheared off, and Rachel begins to figure out that all is not right in the neighborhood. Could the kidnapper from so many years ago have returned to torment the idyllic suburb once again? Will Rachel and her friends and family survive to see Christmas Day?

Written and directed by Todd Nunes, ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT is a lurid homage to 80’s holiday slasher movies. Every cliche is there, but not in a self referential, SCREAM kind of way. No Nunes uses the same tropes, a holiday, mystery, sex, and blood and revisits them anew. Ryan Anderson’s photography recall the deep, saturated colors of Black Christmas while at the same time keeping things crisp for the digital era. Ashley Mary Nunes (“Robot Combat League”), does a fine job as the lead, pulling us through the murky, serpentine plot as the heroin visiting home. But there is no competing with Kiring’s scene stealing Mrs. Garrett. It was also nice to see scream queen, Jessica Cameron (Truth or DareSilent Night) in a great cameo that opens the film.

As far as Christmas slasher films go, this one is one of the best. ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE is an unapologetically gory and graphic Christmas card to the schlocky 80’s horror movies of old.


And guess what?  As part of the 25 Days of Christmas Horror, we are giving away a DVD of the film signed by both writer director Todd Nunes and scream queen Jessica Cameron!

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