Once upon a time in Oxford, Massachusetts in 1988 (where were YOU in 1988?!), a tradition started. One that has transcended the years and turned into an unhinged beast. Ripping through 1,500 ft. of trail, and showcasing 5,000 Jack O’ Lanterns, the Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular in Louisville, Kentucky should be on each one of our readers bucket list. The soft glow of those twisted, goofy, and sometimes scary looking squashes get’s me so excited for the Halloween season!

Now, I know what you’re thinking… 5,000 Jack O’ Lanterns stretched across 1/4 mile of woodland? Yeah, right. How could this much golden, gleaming, halloweenie goodness exist in one place?! Well, I’m telling you it’s real. Very, very, real. This amazing art show has some of the most elaborate, and creative Jack O’ Lanterns I’ve ever seen. For those still in doubt, let’s take a look at your pictures on theGram, and live vicariously through your social media. *starts looking up flights to Kentucky*

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The most popular ? #Harambe

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So many #pumpkins

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That's a #rickandmorty pumpkin

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Okay, who has a room and a bed for me in Louisville?! I now have a fever, and the only prescription is the Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular! Huge kudos to the fine people at Passion For Pumpkins, and their 25 years of experience in transforming any landscape into an illuminated organic art gallery. It’s truly beautiful. Check them out on your favorite social media platform, and show them some love. We surely would appreciate it!

As the greatest time of the year inches its way closer, my HorrorGram fam, we ask you to show us your Jack O’ Lanter creations by using the hashtag #HorrorBuzzPumpkins on your pictures of our favorite Cucurbita pepo. Now, get to carving, and mind your fingers!

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Ryan is a long time horror movie lover, and Haunt enthusiast from the San Francisco Bay Area. When he's not watching his favorite foreign horror flicks, you can find him singing in his metal band, studying Muay Thai, sipping on fancy cocktails, or taking random Theme-Park and Roller Coaster trips with his group of friends, dubbed, "The Theme Park Fun Brigade".
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