One of the reasons I love ALONE so much is that they are constantly re-inventing themselves. From their traditional “move you in the dark” events to city-wide scavenger hunts to more, they like to branch out and try something new.

This Halloween season is no different, as their October event is for ONE NIGHT ONLY on Sunday, October 30.

Not much is known about ‘The Rite of the Anthropocene,’ save for the few sparse details they have released. According to an email they sent out to the Insider’s List last week:

The Enola Foundation is gathering it’s members to perform and participate in a ceremony signaling the onset of the Anthropocene epoch, the converging period of geological time where humans exert the dominant influence over the Earth’s ecosystem. The foundation welcomes you into it’s fold on the evening of Sunday October thirtieth at nine. The Rite will take the form of performances designed to herald the oncoming epoch.

What is stranger still is that there are NO time slots. In fact, everyone shows up at the same time, the doors open at 8PM, and the ritual starts at 9.

I have no idea what to expect from this, but I am extremely excited to see how this goes.

Tickets went on sale to the Insider’s List earlier this week, and they are close to selling out…to the point where they may not go on sale to the general public! However, you may still be able to get the discounted priced and access if you head to ALONE’s website and sign up for the mailing list at

I already grabbed mine, and hope to see you all there!

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