We’ve already told you how amazing Cross Roads Escape Games’ Hex Room is way back in the beginning of the year. I’ve now played it on three separate occasions, and I still believe it is the best escape room out there today. To further that fact, we were recently invited back to check out their revamp for the Halloween season, and it’s basically like playing a whole new game again.

I feel I don’t need to tell you again how amazing The Hex Room is, so I’ll just give a brief overview of the new things that are in store for you.

Madison and Luke have taken everything that worked about the game’s original incarnation, and turned it up to 11. New puzzles and new designs litter the entire experience, making it a little scarier for haunt season, and let me tell you, it works.

On Friday evening, Team HorrorBuzz were all given our roles, and lead into our separate rooms, each portraying a different horror film stereotype, and got to work once the clock started.


Even though I had never played the Prom Queen before, what struck me was how different the room looked compared to the other times I had seen it on my other play-throughs. In fact, every room had something different about it, including a complete re-design for the Virgin’s room. The Rhode’s attention to detail and set design still are the best in the business, fully immersing you into the game, and making feel like you are there.

Puzzles in both the individual rooms, in addition to the “common” puzzles, have all been re-worked, so even if you played before, you do not have a leg up on everyone else. This really is like a whole new game, and the puzzles will challenge you no matter your skill set.

In addition, the game has a brand-new ending, so even if you’ve played before, you are in for a cool surprise when it comes to getting out.

If you’ve never been to Cross Roads before, now is definitely the time to check it out. And if you HAVE, it is absolutely worth going to again. They continue to be the best of the best, and it is highly recommended you check them out this Halloween season.

This game is going to be extremely popular, and it WILL sell out! Get your tickets today at www.CrossRoadsEscapeGames.com.

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