Screenshot Productions is known for their innovative, immersive experiences. From Fear Is What We Learned Here, which took you through a dream-like landscape, to Bardo Thodol, their journey through the Tibetan Book of the Dead, they also try to break the limitations down and transport you to another world.

Their newest production, The Rope, will continue that, with a wholly original story line coming this October. According to their website…

Gather around a crackling bonfire in the cavern of Medullarum, opening a portal into the dark world of Conscientia. Travel this world as the unnamed hero amid a network of illusion and ethos.

That is some high fantasy & science fiction stuff going on there, and we are pretty on board for it!

Hell, even their trailer for the experience is cool as hell, which you can find on Facebook here.

People attending ScareLA received a preview of this show, and were given a token. If you bring said token during your timeslot, apparently you might get a little something more. What that is, we don’t know, but it sounds fun!

Tickets for The Rope are now on sale, and you can purchase them at:

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