The darkness within us allowed us Entry, and we saw what was never meant to be seen. Thanks to artist Erebus Burwyck, my life has forever been changed.


Creep Los Angeles’ sophomore year focused around Burwyck and his final works, allow us a peek into his mind…and the darkness that he found. This year, Creep took everything from their initial outing, and enhanced it a thousand fold. Not that their first show was bad by any means; I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was one of my favorites from last year.

However, this year turned the dial up, and then ripped said dial off. I know that it’s the beginning of haunt season, but everything else is going to be hard pressed to get on the same level of Creep!

While last year was a series of vignettes, allowing guests to both be creeped on AND be a creep, this year’s Creep Los Angeles: Entry follows the singular story of Burwyck, a controversial artist from the 1970s who explored the dark side of humanity in his art. During the display of his final work in 1974, Burwyck disappeared, along with all evidence of what he was showing. Now, the loyal followers of his work have found the audio tapes from that night, and want to play them for you. You and seven other friends will listen to Burwyck’s final day, and discover what he unleashed…and then have to face it for yourself.


While the story may seem a bit much, it is absolutely perfect for this show. Everything is set up perfectly BEFORE you even go through the “walkthrough” itself, as after you check in, you are lead to a “bar” where you can mingle with other guests, and devoted Burwyck fans. This dimly light, intimate atmosphere is where the experience actually begins. During the 45 minutes or so before our group was called, I interacted with so, so many of these Burwyck followers, each one creepier than the last. Every actor within this section is top notch, allowing for some great one-on-one moments, divulging more of the story. Do you have to talk to these creeps, mingling among the crowd? No, of course not. But you should, because it is a great way to begin the show.


I found myself going out of my way to speak to everyone I could, to hear more about them, and what I was about to see. One young man, who seemed distraught, told me that I had a warm smile, and that my eyes reminded me of his mother. Another crying, young woman told me that she was not allowed “entry” because there was not enough darkness in her heart. The man with the clipboard asked me, numerous times, if I was enjoying the party, before either freezing in place for long, uncomfortable moments, or showing me how he connects with the darkness through pain (seriously, ask him to show you). Not to mention the oversexed seductress who, every time she locked eyes with me, would do so for an uncomfortable amount of time, following me around the room, before pulling me close and whispering into my ear “Do you want to know my secret?”




I felt so many emotions just in that 45 minutes alone that I have not felt in most other immersive theater experiences. And this was all BEFORE the actual experience started! Seriously, this was an amazing way to immerse guests into the world of Burwyck, and really get them ready for what was to come. Spend the time exploring this lounge area, and make conversation. It’s really fulfilling.

Eventually, our time was called, and my group of 8 was lead outside to hear more about Entry. The night it originally premiere was a night very much like that very evening, apparently, with the hunter’s moon shining above, and we were the lucky ones about to see (and hear) Burwyck’s final, re-discovered work. Never breaking character, the creeps lead us to a viewing area, where we all sat on chairs and had clothes draped over our faces, to experience…something.


What came next, I don’t want to spoil, because the entire experience after that was filled with wonderful explorations, weird group dynamics, and intensely personal sessions when some people are pulled away on their own path. Each scene here leads directly to the next, following the same thorough-line, and sometimes using the actors to connect each section.

Though it was 8 people at a time, the actors do a great job of making sure no one is left out. They get into everyone’s face, making sure that everyone gets their “moment”, while continuing to move the story along. What amazes me is that this was clearly not an easy show to do, for any of the performers. It’s quite challenging, creating these scenarios, these moments, these emotions, and making them authentic. However, there was not a single bad actor in the show; everyone was on top of their game, and really nailed what they were going for. I was thoroughly impressed at how committed everyone was to their roles. Stand outs included the woman in padded room, who was able to display a range of conflicting emotion (which distracted you from her already distracting outfit!), to the one-on-one I had with an “interrogator” whom, despite a language barrier, made for one intense scene.


Last year, our friends over at Creepy LA awarded Creep Los Angeles “Best Scare Actors” in their 2015 Cadavers, and this year, they are definitely going to take that title again. These are some of the best actors working in the business, and deserve all the praise they get.

On top of that, they managed to have some pretty spectacular looking sets. Yes, I am aware we were inside of a warehouse in LA, but their design, while minimal at times, made me truly feel like I was elsewhere; the room of a slightly unhinged girl, outside in a forest, or in someone’s dream. Everything looked and felt authentic, and really sold the illusion of our descent into darkness.

When I spoke to Justin Fix, creator of Creep Los Angeles, a few weeks ago, he told me they wanted this to be a “night out” for the people attending, with the experience serving as just a portion of the things to do. They really accomplished that goal, because I wanted nothing more than to go hang out with the creeps in the lounge some more after our showtime. You can absolutely make a night of this, as my group spent an almost solid 3 hours there. That, to me, shows a job well done.

Overall, Creep Los Angeles: Entry is by far one of the most amazing things to do in Southern California. Justin Fix assembled a fantastic team of creeps to create a wonderful, immersive experience unlike any other. This is one show that you do not want to miss this season, and I have a feeling that, once word gets out about it, it WILL sell out.

Go see Creep Los Angeles: Entry. You will not be disappointed.

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