This past weekend at ScareLA, I ran into Cara again for another brilliant installment to the “Devoted” immersive series. She told me she followed me there and that she has been keeping a very close eye on me. I sure am glad she did, because what I learned and experienced this past weekend has drawn me even further into Cara’s story, and quite possibly into her heart as well.


During the second show of the “Devoted” series, titled “Together,” I was invited back into the same small and intimate space with Cara, just as I met her the first time a week prior at Midsummer Scream. During the short but sweet five minutes we spent together, I became indulged once again into Cara’s story. Not only was I given the chance to taste a bit of her past, but she also bestowed upon me her strong belief in the power of love and the true meaning of the word in her universe. The opportunity was mine to allow her to physically, emotionally and spiritually become part of me, and like almost every other fortunate or unfortunate individual who came in contact with her that weekend, I took it.  However, while after my first encounter I feared for Cara’s safety, this time I fear more for her sanity. Perhaps, though, it is through her insanity that we are meant to find the beauty in Cara, and through that same beauty we are meant to find the one thing she is DEVOTED to more than all else: love.

Once again, I was thoroughly impressed with a flawless performance by Trish de Luca as Cara, as well as the depth-filled script written by Anna Mavromati. Currently there are only four shows planned for the “Devoted” series, but I for one am hoping that the series will continue beyond the final show, which is scheduled for October of this year.  Already having premiered three original works within the last two months, director Marlee Delia and Shine On Collective have been making a huge splash in the immersive theater scene this year. I highly recommend that all Southern California immersive enthusiasts become DEVOTED to Shine On and check out one or more of their upcoming performances.



September 2-4 2016 (Invitation Only)


October 2016

Also check out ONE OF US

August 19-20, 11:00 pm at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre

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