Yesterday we posted the news that Motel 6 Feet Under was getting an elevator operator. Otis was his name, and he specializes in the afterlife’s ups and downs. There are more new characters to meet at Motel 6 Feet Under. As part of the new Boo Crew a total of 5 new characters will be joining the staff. Today we meet Agnes, The Maid.


AGNES. The Maid. Agnes should have been fired from the MOTEL a long time ago. The place is a mess. Mable likes Agnes though, cuz Mable never liked cleaning her room either. Agnes just wants to get rid of anything in her way. Including you.

The Motel 6 Feet Under crew is giving HorrorBuzz an exclusive first look at each of the 5 new characters on the boo Crew. Each Day we will share another monstrous fiend that will await you when you check in.

Motel 6 Feet Under was one of our top 10 haunts from 2015 and we were elated when we found out that they would be returning for another year of fear at Anaheim’s Business Expo Center on October 7th, 2016. Located across the free way from Disneyland. Not ones to rest on past success, and always looking to improve the level of hospitality offered, the Motel has decided to slowly introduce the public to their new staff, The Boo Crew

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