Delusion has just officially confirmed their return to the haunt scene for the 2016 season! This news comes like a tall drink of water after a long drought for fans of the remarkable haunted play attraction after the show skipped the 2015 season and then held off plans to create a permanent venue in the spring of 2016.


13769552_1236805339702844_4285383894806867588_nThe website now proclaims that “The vanguard of interactive theatre returns with a limited run of an ALL NEW ORIGINAL PLAY!” This is some of the best news ever. The writers at HorrorBuzz have been fans and champions of Delusion since seeing it during their second year when they staged a play called “The Blood Rite” Delusion sits atop the mountain of horror experiences in Los Angeles as the one DO NOT MISS experience.  

What makes it so darn special? Plenty. It begins with the richness in storytelling. Each year Delusion crafts a world in which theatergoers are cohabitants with the characters. Here we feel we have literally stepped into a horror film. Original score laces each scene that we wander through, guided by a plot that involves us in the development of the story. Richer still is the set design, the costumes, the make up, the acting, there isn’t one single sour note in your hour long journey into exquisite madness.

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In a previous interview with Creator of Delusion, Jon Braver offered a tease of the new show he was developing for the permeant space. Below is a snippet from the script that he shared.

A misshapen figure sits at the piano, his fingers dance across the keys as the darker melodies of Chopin bring him further, blissful misery.
“Death is… whimsical tonight.”  He whips around and faces us.


Will this unused script be part of the new original show? We will see.

To keep up with DELUSION, and to sign up for more information on their new show, check out their website at

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