Why not. By now you should know I’m pretty eclectic. No facet of horror get’s a blind eye here, no sir. And like any red blooded American man or woman, I do love me some head and back scratches. So, what if your favorite big screen slashers, or silver tongued serial killers could soothe your savage beast with a flick of the wrist? Have I got your attention now? All manor of goosebumps are welcome in this weeks edition of HorrorGram. I’m talking talons. I’m crazy about claws. And today I’m talking about, Horror Nails.

Come on you manly men. Don’t act like you don’t see your favorite musicians, mixed martial artists, and/or sports heroes, getting their mani-pedi on. Girl, you know it’s true. Ladies, we know you’ve been working hard on your Rosetta Stone, so you can make sure no one is talking shit. I feel you.

So let’s take a look at some of our favorite Horror Nails, because you deserve it.



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I don’t know about you, but the thought of having Freddy Kruger’s crawls knicking the back of my head is somewhat soothing. As if his weapon of choice can reach that itch I just can’t scratch. So what do you think of these Horror Nails? Do they tickle your fancy? Do they make your flesh crawl? The majority have it. Give me Horror Nails, or give me death! …or maybe a little death on the ring finger?

But seriously, you sickos. If your favorite nail artist extraordinaire can do some sick Horror Nails, why not show them off. Hashtag them fingers with #HorrorBuzzNails, and show off them digits. You know, they call them fingers, but I’ve never seen them fing.

Scare ya, next week!

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Ryan is a long time horror movie lover, and Haunt enthusiast from the San Francisco Bay Area. When he's not watching his favorite foreign horror flicks, you can find him singing in his metal band, studying Muay Thai, sipping on fancy cocktails, or taking random Theme-Park and Roller Coaster trips with his group of friends, dubbed, "The Theme Park Fun Brigade".
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