We’re back with the second part of our trip through episodes of the new web series Scary Endings, and we are having a great time with these little bon bons of horror goodness. We hope you’ll like them, too!

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“He’s Right Behind You”– A young woman, alone in her apartment, is on the phone with her boyfriend. She says goodnight to him, hangs up, then suddenly gets a text from an unknown number that just says: “I see you.”

“Smother Mother”–A young man smothers his elderly mother to finally be rid of her once and for all. A week later, her typewriter starts typing all by itself. Mother is not happy.

“U Get What U Deserve”–While riots continue outside due to a new law enacted by President Trump, a young woman smokes pot in her apartment. A thug breaks in and attacks her, but getting help from 911 isn’t as easy as it used to be.

“The Grinning Man”–Karl is sitting in his car, talking to his girlfriend on the phone before going home to bed. He sees someone in his rearview mirror with very long arms and very wide teeth, grinning. When he gets out, the grinning man is gone. But he’ll be back,


“Welcome to the Circus”–The series ends, fittingly well here with the story of Aunt Brandy who is watching her nephew Andrew on a dark, stormy night. While playing with a jack-in-the-box, Brandy lets loose a nasty intruder that has a thing for balloons and the circus. Not since Twisty the Clown have things gotten this creepy.[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntmUWNIlO0I[/embedyt]


Overall we have to say that we are throughly entertained by this entertaining series. Each episode, just a few minutes in length, pack a nice punch, just enough to satisfy. The storylines are all clever and efficient enough to get the job done in record time. You could easily sit down and binge watch the first season of ten episodes in a half hour max.  We actually recommend that you do! These scary little confections of horror wholesomeness will satiate even the most discriminating of horror fans, while keeping it lean and quick for those with shorter attention spans. We watched Scary Endings and couldn’t be happier! Can we have season 2 now?

About the Author: Mike Hansen

Mike Hansen has worked as a teacher, a writer, an actor, and a haunt monster, and has been a horror fan ever since he was a young child. Sinister Seymour is his personal savior, and he swears by the undulating tentacles of Lord Cthulhu that he will reach the end of his Netflix list. Someday.
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