There is a new web series in town, and it’s a fun collection of spooky shorts. They’re like mini Twilight Zone horror episodes that are just a few minutes long, and each ends with a cool little twist.  They’ve been releasing one every month, so let’s catch up with all the scary, eh? The first “season” will have a total of 10 shorts, with the last in the series coming out very soon. This article covers the first five episodes in the season.

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“We Always Come Back”–A husband wakes up to the sounds of a lullaby, and finds his wife in a rocking chair, singing softly to his newborn child in the nursery. It makes him smile. And then the chair is empty. Oh dear.

“Voyeur”–Lounging in a hotel room, a young couple playfully tease each other under the covers, kissing and giggling, looking forward to a fun romantic weekend. Until someone else walks into their room.

“The Babysitter and the Boogeyman”–A young woman meets the shy little boy she’ll be babysitting for the first time this evening. She smiles warmly at him, hoping to break the ice, until he points to the empty space behind her and says, “Scary man.”

“Yummy Meat, A Halloween Carol”– It’s Halloween, and naturally this dentist has decided to hand out toothbrushes instead of treats. But one furry little trick-or-treater will be dishing out bloody tricks tonight instead.

“Bounce House of Horror!”–A birthday party in the park is a wonderful, fun idea for kids. A bounce house is even more fun. And while the kids are having fun bouncing, the parents slowly realize none of them knows how the bounce house got there in the first place.

Out of these five, “The Babysitter and the Boogeyman” was probably my favorite. There are some real creepy moments with shadows that appear and disappear out of the corner of your eye, and a boogeyman who, although he doesn’t quite look intimidating close up, is still an effective creep.

My least favorite was “Bounce House of Horror!” It’s supposed to be silly and goofy, I get it, but the effects were cheap and the CGI was really amateurish. It started with an interesting premise, but the reveal was just dumb.

I am having lots of fun with these little movies–they are just the thing to hold me over until the haunting season begins in a few months. Check back next time for more from this series in Part 2!


About the Author: Mike Hansen

Mike Hansen has worked as a teacher, a writer, an actor, and a haunt monster, and has been a horror fan ever since he was a young child. Sinister Seymour is his personal savior, and he swears by the undulating tentacles of Lord Cthulhu that he will reach the end of his Netflix list. Someday.
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