Last Haunt season, a mysterious new entity, Screenshot Productions, burst onto the scene, first within a garage, and then months later, utilizing the space at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre. Now, they aim to make you think about your life in a new way year-round, with four new projects and a brand-new subscription service.

From their new website, it seems Screenshot Productions is taking a few steps away from the regular haunt scene, and more into an immersive theater experiences, much like their last show, Parturition. From their website:

“We are a collective of interdisciplinary artists dedicated to creating immersive experiences that tap into universal human emotions. We explore the spaces between art, technology, interconnectivity and the self, seeking to create art with a genuine emotional impact. Our experiences are meaningful immersions created to inspire individual growth and creativity. We believe in the importance of art to the human experience, and in the importance of supporting an artist’s work.”

The group now consists of four core members, each bringing their own particular strengths to the overall production, and with it, new ideas and experiences.

IMG_2292The first of these new experiences is SHOSHIN, ‘an outdoor, real-world exploration of the self, taking place over 90 minutes and utilizing new forms of immersion to illustrate the power of the mind and the awe and wonder of existence.’ The show will take place May 19-22, and has very limited time slots. Tickets for it are now on sale for $85, and can be purchased here.

The standalone experience coming this August (not related to any convention) is Love is What We Learned Here. Screenshot Productions also has two fall shows planned for the October haunt season. The first is called The Rope, another is called Bardo Thodol (The Tibetan Book of the Dead). Eager fans can get a sneak peek at these shows during the haunt convention season in July and August. Midsummer Scream will be getting Bardo Thodol and ScareLA will be getting The Rope.

They also announced a yearly subscription service as well, which takes the form of a new type of immersive theatre. While not a show in any sense, they describe it as an on-going life experience. Well not many details for it are available, they promise that it will unfold in chapter format, and be conducted at a variety of locations, including ones that are personal to the person taking part in it. In addition to these experiences, members will also receive access to every Screenshot show throughout the year, “lights-on” tours of their productions, and will especially be eligible for a personalized, individual show. The cost is $250 quarterly, or $1000 a year.

Over their last two shows, Screenshot has demonstrated their ability in story-telling, and being able to create rich, original immersive experiences. Their line-up for 2016 is very promising, and should excite fans of their previous work. While the cost of them may be more expensive than what you are used to, for those who enjoy art installations as immersive experiences may find it worthwhile.

For more information, visit their website at

About the Author: Jeff Heimbuch

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