MV5BMjM4MzA0NjE2NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTg4MDc5NzE@._V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_It’s the Christmas season in Los Angeles; a lonely woman goes on a blind date unbeknownst to her that her date is an active and notorious serial killer, The Brentwood Strangler.

Maggie (Jordan Ladd) is a woman set to go out on a blind date. Being the modern girl that she is, Maggie diligently Googles her new beau’s name to get a sense of what she is in for. She arrives at his home, knocks on the door, and a handsome, familiar-ish looking man answers.  The two hop into her car and drive off for a night off dinner and drinks. What she doesn’t know is he is a killer on the run.  

Her cagey date riding shotgun is Floyd (Adam J. Yeend) aka the notorious Brentwood Strangler.  Her actual date (Maximilian Osinski) lay on the floor of his home, knocked out cold.  As Floyd and Maggie make their way to the restaurant they spar verbally.  He challenges her naïveté for picking up a stranger and she argues that he is being chauvinistic.  The night rolls on, dinner and drinks are had, and the two return to “His” house.  This is when things get creepy.

Written and directed by John Fitzpatrick, “Brentwood Strangler” is a clever, well made thriller with a comedic tinge. What begins as a typical serial killer story diverges into a sort of dark version of When Harry Met Sally. While the idea of going out on a blind date with a serial killer is an inventive one, this short excels in the scenes that feature the two leads sharing edgy banter with one another.

The film, while not perfect, is very promising. Fitzpatrick is a relatively new film maker with a new voice. A few beats in the movie land with the sort of mannered tone, while others play out naturally. That minor note aside, Fitzpatrick knows how to set up a rather convoluted situation with amazing economy. The idea is out of the way, we are totally on board, and before we know it we are getting the the real meaty stuff that we want to see. There are also some deliciously icky moments that remind us of the reality of the situation.  Trying to avoid spoilers here.  Suffice it to say, we had a lot of fun with this movie.

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About the Author: Norman Gidney

Norm(an) Gidney is a nearly lifelong horror fan. Beginning his love for the scare at the age of 5 by watching John Carpenter's Halloween, he set out on a quest to share his passion for all things spooky with the rest of the world.