Serial Killer Speed Dating rears its terrible head on Wednesday, February 10th. Just in time to find that special someone to share Valentine’s Day with.

Having thrown a few “SKSD” parties already, I thought it was best to write out a few tips and tricks from what I’ve learned as the host of this crazy thing:

Me hosting the crap outta the evening. Photo by Kady Chun


  1. She’s Going in for the kill,  Photo by Kady Chun

    Dress to impress. Show off your personality. Have fun. It’s a fun night of speed dating and you’re here to make a quick impression.

  2. Be ok with spontaneity. Since you don’t know if the person across from you is genuinely interested in a date, or genuinely interested in wearing your face as a mask, it’s best if you just go with the flow. It’ll be a wild night.
  3. Listen. Listen. Listen. Not only is this a good life technique, but the Killers will be dropping hints about themselves throughout your conversation. If you’re truly paying attention (rather than just waiting for an opportunity to talk) you might figure ‘em out.

    Just another satisfied dater at the end of a long evening. Photo by Kady Chun

  4. Ask good questions. People LOVE talking about themselves. Especially serial killers.She’s going in for the kill.

  5. Make eye contact. You can tell a lot about someone by looking them in the eyes. Are they telling the truth? Are they interested in you? Are they interested in using your face as a mask? Only way you’ll truly know is if you stare into their baby blues.

  6. Get ready to meet a lot of people. After all, SKSD is supposed to be FUN. Have a good time. Enjoy the game of it all. Even if you aren’t naturally gregarious, SKSD is an excellent opportunity for you to get comfortable with meeting new people. Don’t worry, they’re nervous, too…also, they might be a serial killer.

  7. There will be blood. Oh yes, there will be blood.
  8. Have a drink! Relax! You’ve got two hours and a dozen first dates. Liquid courage will help tremendously. But, don’t drink too

    “Hi, my name’s Jeff. I’m not a serial killer.” Photo by Kady Chun

    much. You don’t want to be slurring by your last date.
    Nobody likes talking to that guy. Also, it makes
    you easy bait for the killers.

  9. Think about what you want people to know about you.
    Don’t brag, but have a couple of go-to stories. Have fun with it.
    Hint: a great ice breaker is, “I’m not a serial killer.”
  10. Breathe. Have fun! See if you can guess who the serial killers are. Who knows…maybe you’ll even get a date out of it?

Serial Killer Speed Dating will be held Wednesday, February 10th, 8 – 10 pm at BarFoodLA 12217 Wilshire Blvd. Tickets are $20 + $10 minimum at bar (so buy a drink!) and must be purchased online prior to the evening at


Please note: Guests and friends of daters are welcome to observe, but must adhere to the $10 bar minimum.

About the Author: Abel Horwitz

Abel Horwitz has been part of the haunt community since 2012, when he landed a gig as a living statue at Halloween Horror Nights. Since then he has helped create the haunted maze "Urban Death: Tour of Terror" at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theater as well as a bunch of other spooky stuff. His twitter handle is @abelhorwitz
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