Funny Frighteners Stand-Up FlyerI’ve got this philosophy when it comes to haunted attractions, specifically performances- You can’t scare everyone, so sometimes its good to make ’em laugh!  It turns out, there are other scareactors who are funny too! (Or, as in my case, think they are!) Funny Frighteners is a stand up show produced and hosted by Bubba Sanchez and there is a twist: Every performer is either a current or former Halloween Horror Nights Scareactor.



So on January 17th, I ventured out to Flapper’s Comedy Club in beautiful Burbank for the second Funny Frighteners ever. The first show was back and November, and I actually performed. Shameless self promotion time: In my other life, I’m a semi-professional magician, and I was super stoked to take part in that show. Here’s a video from that performance:

While I wouldn’t be performing this time, the line up was still pretty sweet. There were a few returning performers as well as a bunch of new faces. Returners included AJ Danna, Arnie Ellis, Damian Kaner, and the always, always, hilarious Hannah Kaplan. I mean… look at this face!  All five of the returning stand ups were great. I, for one, will never get tired of hearing Arnie Ellis’ impression of a black woman watching a magician, nor can I ever get enough of Hannah Kaplan talking about orgies, complete with a charts and graphs.

Hannah Kaplan

Hannah Kaplan at 2015’s Scare LA.

Newcomers to the Funny Frighteners’ stage were Dan Fowble, Tim Bingham, Dan Mitchum, and one of my favorites, Rob The Balloon Guy.  If you’ve never had a chance to see Rob before, he combines his own brand of odd, slightly off kilter humor with balloon magic. Yes, you heard me… balloon magic. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with him a couple of times.  I was also very impressed by Dan Mitchum- this was his actually his first time doing stand up EVER and he came off very polished.

There were also TWO headlining comics: Michael Gelbert and Karen Rontowksi. I didn’t actually watch them though- I ducked out to the lobby to chat and catch up with the comics who’d just finished. I could hear the crowd busting up though.

Tickets to Funny Frighteners are $10.00, which is a pretty good value, considering the show was almost two hours long and featured TWO headliners. As usual for comedy clubs, there was a two item minimum, so that is something to keep in mind if you plan on checking out the next show. (Though, who are we kidding… you know you’re going to want a drink.) If you’d like to know when the next show is, like Funny Frighteners on Facebook or follow them on twitter or instagram!

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Stay Scary!


Rob The Balloon Guy

Rob The Balloon Guy

AJ Danna

AJ Danna at November’s Funny Frighteners

Bubba Sanhez

Bubba Sanchez hosting November’s Funny Frighteners

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